… I was able to take home this wonderful experience. I thank all the people who have worked to organize this fantastic event in a magical place to stay very close to home, I have left in my heart! See you next year, with a new challenge even harder, and I hope with the presence of a large number of participants that make value to this great race …

 E.Ludovisi, winner UTMS 2014

After a challenging phase of creation and preparation going on for months, Sunday, July 6, 2014 the magnificent natural scenery of Simbruini were the backdrop to the first edition of the Simbruini Mountains Trail. For the success of the event, along with the Gruppo Marciatori Simbruini Subiaco (GMS), have actively participated in the staff of the Park, the State Forestry Corps, the Mountain Rescue, the Fire Brigade, Civil Protection and numerous local volunteers. The event, making its debut on the national stage and which provided for the unfolding of three main races – the Fast Trail of 13 km, the Light Trail of 25 km and the “queen” Ultra Trail of 56 km – has been a great success both from the point of view of the number of participants both with regard to the satisfaction of the same about the general organization. Good first then!

But beyond the total number of members, data strictly technical and organizational excellent success of the race more than another what proved to be a success was the overall feedback from the participants towards the unique beauty of the places visited from racing. The more than 300 runners tripped at the start have had occasion to run in pristine environments and majestic, for many totally unknown and unexpected. From the green hills karst Camposecco to rocky ridges and aerial of Mount Tarino, from the boundless beech forests of Mount Author Campo Ceraso and the charming setting of the sanctuary of the Holy Trinity of Vallepietra athletes have got to live within a few hours because of more beautiful the Natural Park of Simbruini is able to offer a concentrated absolute nature and biodiversity as a backdrop to a memorable day of sports!

At the end of the different races was tangible amazement and surprise from many competitors in respect of the wonderful nature of Simbruini, often accented with superlatives. From this point of view, therefore, the 1st edition of Simbruini Mountains Trail, created with the aim of promoting the area first, fully met expectations giving confirmation for the umpteenth time (if proof were needed) that these places are able to attract and amaze!