Simbruini mointains are the most important mountains in the central Italy; situated close to border between Lazio and Abruzzo, few km in est part of Roma. The have the all particularities of Appennino: thousand acres of beech wood, peaks over 2000 meters, endless plateaus , deep valley crossed by clear and al lot of water.

The karstic massif of Simbruini mountains extends for tents km from Noth – West to South – East, geographically delimited between Carseolani Mountain (at North), Ernici Mountains (at South), and between the Aniene Valley. The most important peak are Viglio Mount, Cotento, Tarino and Autore. Frequently in this area is the karstic, visible in the caves, doline and swallow – hole.

Because of direct exposure to humid currents coming from west, the Simbruini are the most raining area of Central Appennino, with a average annual rainfall exceeding 2000mm; the simbruini name came from Latin “Sub Imbribus”, meaning “under Rain”. The rainfall and the natural karstic land, give an abundance of water on the valleys crossed by important rivers, likes Aniene and Simbrivio.

Simbruini mountains with Ernici, are the biggest green lung of Lazio, and one of the important area of forest covered in Central Italy. Here, there are the most important beech wood forests of Europe and grow up around 1381 different species of plants and different flowers (about half of those in central Italy). Of these 80 species are being endangered and 71 of them are endemic.

In these wild territories end still intact, nowadays find a shelter a lot of animals, like the deer, roe deer, wolf wild cat, and brown bear, while in the sky it is possible find peregrine falcon, golden eagle and the griffin.

This immense wealth of biodiversity by 1983 is protected by regional natural park of Simbruini mountains, with the 30.000 acres of surface is the biggest protected area of Lazio.

Nature but also history, tradition and culture: in these beautiful place and lonely are raised during the century picturesque village and with a noble past, monasteries, shrines nowadays unique example of the strong relation between sacred and nature.

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