Although the stage debut of the national races of Trail for TMS occurred only in 2014, this race is tied to events far more rooted in time. In fact, in addition to the usual reasons that reside behind the organization of this type of events (on all the promotion of the territory), the conception of the Trail of Simbruini has certainly helped the desire to bring the running trail in the land of those who has made the history of mountain races.

Perhaps not many know fact of sporting four Subiaco runners (M. and V. Checchi, and Lauri S. Di Giannantonio) that in the editions of 1950 and 1951 triumphed against opponents far more noble in the Italian Championship relay race in Valle Aosta, bringing up the name of these places in the racing world. In a way, then, the precursors of the trail (then simply called mountain running) on ​​Simbruini was they, the four athletes of Subiaco.

Today, in memory of their sporting achievements, within the various races of the TMS is held the trophy “49” (the number of pectoral who wore the four editions of the victorious athletes in the mid last century), assigned to the first man and the first Women classified in Gran Trail of Simbruini. A symbolic way to link the past and the present of the running trail in these lands.

 Squadra corsa Subiaco