LogoSimbruini Mountains Natural Park is the biggest protected area of Lazio, and covers around 30.000 acres and is bounded by Fosso Fioio Valley in Noth East and Aniene in South West. The protected areas are in the town Camerata Nuova, Cervara di Roma, Subiaco and Jenne (where is the headquartes of Park), and Vallepietra of Roma province. Trevi nel Lazio and Filettino in the Frosinone province. In each of the seven town the Park is present with the Park Visitors, where are illustrated and explored the fundamental element of the protected area (the mounts, water, tree, the bird of pray, wolves, art, vegetation, spirituality, culture and print ). There are also wildlife area of deer (Cervara di Roma), roe deer (Trevi nel Lazio ), where is possible to near and admire these beautiful animals.

During the thirty years of activity, are a lot the initiative undertaken by the Park are for the valorization of environment and territory, and ended with a great success: it is important remember the reintroduction of deer, disappeared for years, but also the important work of individuation and tracking of a crowd network of paths: the best track in Appennino, a fundamental tool to allow visitor to live in safety close to the park and its beautiful landscape.

Thanks to the environment and the particular value, Regional natural park of Simbruini, is inside the Protected Special Zone (ZPS) Simbruini – Ernici, where is, inside the borders, 7 sites of community importance (SIC). ZPS and SIC are together the European network of sites called “Nature 2000”, aimed to the guardianship of biodiversity through the conservation of natural habitat and animals and also plats species of community interest.

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